Easy Ways To Treat Your Worst Yeast Infection Symptoms

For many women, yeast infections are an unavoidable part of life. While they are only an over growth of the yeast that is found naturally in the body they are uncomfortable, irritating and can be embarrassing to treat. For these reasons we felt that we should let you know how they are caused as well as how to treat them naturally. Yeast infections can be caused by taking prescription antibiotics, wearing wet or damp bathing suits, panties that are not made of a breathable material or even if your clothing is too tight. Here are a few of our favorite ways to treat yeast infections at home and in the most natural way we could find.

Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil can be found in pharmacies and grocery stores. For women the ideal way to use this is to apply it undiluted to a tampon and insert it into the vagina.

Natural yogurt- Natural yogurt is a simple but effective treatment for the most stubborn of symptoms. Apply a small amount to the end of a tampon and insert into the vagina. Alternately you can also use the yogurt externally by rubbing it on the affected area.

Lemon Juice- Lemon juice is highly acidic. This makes it ideal to use as a wash that is mixed half and half with water and applied to the area, or it can be poured into your bath water.

Garlic- externally you can either rub peeled or crushed garlic on to the affected area. Or if you would rather use this internally you could peal it and wrap it in gauze and insert it into the vagina.

No matter what type of treatment option you choose to pursue you should not begin without being seen by your doctor for a formal diagnosis. Many illnesses have similar symptoms and these illnesses if left untreated can become severe. Always see your physician prior to beginning.


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