Plan To Thrive With A Vegan Diet

Benefits Of Having A Vegan Diet Plan

The many health benefits of a vegan diet are celebrated in headlines of the most influential fitness publications of today. It seems that the worst of our modern day health issues can be reversed or even prevented by following a diet free of meat and animal byproducts. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer occur less frequently among vegans.

Vegan Food Is Healthy Food

As a bonus, vegans have bragging rights regarding their reduced carbon footprints and cruelty-free eating habits. Regardless of whether your choice to eat a vegan diet is attributable to ethical or medical motivation, the fact remains- vegan food is healthy food. So, how can you ensure that it’s also nutritionally balanced and delicious? You’ll need a solid vegan diet plan.

Vegan Diet Plan

A healthy vegan diet plan can be summed up with one word: variety. A healthy vegan diet supplies all the vital nutrients necessary to build bone density, strengthen immunity, and yes, satisfy your need for protein and calcium. Let’s take a look at a few areas in which new vegans seem to have the most questions.


The American Dairy Council goes to much effort and expense to promote milk as the only viable source of calcium. However, in many countries, dairy products are not consumed at all, yet their people experience no ill effects. In fact, clinical studies show that vegans experience no disadvantages in terms of bone density. How, you may wonder, do they get their calcium? Simply put, they eat plenty of green vegetables and nuts. Dark, leafy greens, especially kale, are excellent sources of calcium in addition to a cornucopia of other nutrients. For a terrifically filling protein and calcium blast, snack on almonds and incorporate them into your cooking and baking. You can even make a calcium powerhouse salad by combining steamed kale and slivered almonds with your favorite vegan salad dressing.


Everyone knows that protein is essential for building the tissues of the body, and creating a strong, lean physique. Nature herself has demonstrated that the vegan diet can create some of the most impressive physiques on earth. Vegetarian animals like horses and even gorillas thrive on vegan diets. Humans are no exception. In recent years, marathon winners, body builders, and even mixed martial artists have come forward in the media to sing the praises of a vegan diet. Rather than relying on meat, these elite athletes incorporate soy burgers, nuts, seeds, and protein rich green vegetables into their daily meals. When planning your vegan meals, experiment with the many vegan foods like teriyaki seitan, nut butters, or soy chorizo.


A vegan diet that includes a broad spectrum of plant foods will supply you with nourishment that is exceedingly more nutrient dense than the Standard American Diet. By eating a colorful range of fruits and vegetable, you will be flooding your body with the very vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that most people lack. Replenishing these elements is one explanation for many vegans’ success in avoiding illness and heart disease, losing weight, and feeling deliciously energized. However, sufficient levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin D must be maintained with extra help. An occasional B12 supplement is adequate to meet your body’s needs in that realm. Adequate sun exposure is sufficient to trigger your body’s natural ability to synthesize its own vitamin D.

A vegan diet is invigorating to both mind and body, while also providing ample opportunities to play with new culinary combination’s. Most importantly, a vegan diet plan is easy to maintain when you actually have one.

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